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Programmatic iCloud Note Management: Simplified

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Our Goal: Simple. Useful. Open Source.
iNotePrecipitator is a PHP class with one goal: allowing you to manage your iCloud notes your way. It provides all of the functions such as note creation, deletion, sorting, and searching.
The full source code is available on Github.
Just include iNotePrecipitator.php in your project and you're ready to go!

Our documentation is available online at:
It aims to be clear and concise so you can implement iNotePrecipitator without having to look at the class source code.

API: Fast. Simple. HTTP. JSON.
Our API offers access to most iNotePrecipitator functions and returns results in JSON format. It uses POST and GET requests so it is easy to implement in web applications.
You can obtain an API Account ID and API Key at
Full documentation of the API is available at

iNotePrecipitator is built and maintained by Avi Ginsberg.